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Alsa Preparation for Crème Brulee

Alsa Preparation for Crème Brulee

200 g

Nothing could be easier than this Alsa creme brulee.
Crème brûlée, literally burnt cream, rivals chocolate fondue as the best-known French dessert. It is characterized by a rich creamy custard topped by a crackling hard caramel crust. To make this Alsa custard, you will need to add 20cl of (6.7 fluid ounces) of milk and cream.
Add them and simmer it. Cook 2 minutes while stirring.  Divide the contents between 4 small dishes (ramequins, or dessert bowls). 
Preparation time: 5 minutes. Chill time: 1. 5 hours
Just before serving: heat your broiler (or if you have a torch, bring it out). Sprinkle the contents of the cooked sugar bag over the 4 ramequins.  Either use torch or broil for about 1 to 2 minutes with door open (watch constantly).
Each box contains 2 bags. Each bag makes 4 servings.

RM 21.50

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Product Content

Sugar, starch, whole egg, gelling: carrageenan, flavour, colourings. Possible traces of wheat. Caramel chunks (bag of 40 g): caramel syrup (glucose and sugar), sugar. Artificial Colouring free, preservative free.

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