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MALONGO Pods La Grande réserve

MALONGO Pods La Grande réserve

12 pods

To use exclusively with Malongo coffee machines.

Malongo coffee benchmark! Enjoy this strict, but subtle blend of eight quality Arabica
coffees. This product is balanced, highly aromatic, with remarkable finesse, a
slightly bitter touch and delicate, roasted undertones..
BOX of 12 pods.

This coffee is roasted in the traditional style in twenty minutes, the only methodable to develop the full flavor of a great variety. The pod contains seven grams ofcoffee and has been measured precisely to provide espressos of consistentquality. Malongo’s pods are made from natural, chlorine-free filter paper thatdoes not affect the coffee’s flavour. Vacuum packed immediately after roasting,they guarantee a product that is always fresh with its aroma perfectly preserved.
RM 24.00

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